Jessaroo (tinkerbell81) wrote,

Study break!!!!

Time for a study break!! I buckled down and read the rest of the novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I liked Maya Angelou's writing style and the way that she can use captivating words to bring her experiences to life!! Anyway, I think that things are starting to calm down this week. It was Monday and Tuesday that were going to be the hardest with my two exams. Tomorrow I don't have many plans other than go to a Bible Study during dinner, go to an Alpha Phi Omega pledgeship meeting at eight, and then to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I am also looking into joining CAJA (Central- Caribbean American Justice Awareness) Organization that works with refugees who have just come from Latin America, Africa, and Asia as well as learning what is happening in Columbia and Central America. Wait a minute, I sound like an advertisement, don't I? Well, I am just trying to familiarize myself with the organization in order to make an informed decision. I think it would be a great thing to join......I just don't want to over commit myself. Freshman year is hard enough as it is. I gotta get to studying stats now, peace out!!!!
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